Lifest Sanitation Services

Someone must be at the site while services are performed.

Camper pumping & freshwater fill will be done daily, Thurs. - Sat. approximately between 9AM - 7PM.

Sunday pumping will be approximately 7AM-10AM Sign up before 5PM on Saturday.

Service orders will not be taken over the phone.

Pit-Stop Event Services or its employees will not be held responsible for damages to RV, Attachments or Personal Property.

FORM must be received prior to 10:00 am for same day service if received after 10:00AM your request will be added to the next days schedule

$35.00 (cash only) Pump/ Disposal
$45.00 (cash only) Freshwater

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Questions may be directed to our office at 920-922-7241 Mon-Fri 8-4PM.

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