Online sign up only available to water and electrical sites

EAA Sanitation Services

Online sign up currently only available for water and electric sites.

Camper services will be performed anytime between 8am & 7pm at our discretion. Specific times for service can not be scheduled.

All compartments must be unlocked or service will not be completed.

Pit-Stop Event Services or its employees will not be held responsible for damages to RV, Attachments or Personal Property.

FORM must be received prior to 10:00 am for same day service.

Our staff can only complete so many orders in a day. Please sign up for next day service as we have reached today's capacity.
Thank you for understanding.

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Terms and Conditions

When pumping your camper, we pull both the gray and black water valves. Two reasons you may think we did not pump your camper:

  1. You see water in your toilet when pressing the pedal; this is due to a clog in the pipe that goes from the toilet to the tank. Our truck will not fix this and you must take a stick and push the clog down the toilet.
  2. Your gauge reads full after pumping, usually due to something stuck on your float. This does not mean the tank is full. Because we use a vacuum truck, this causes the water to create a tornado effect in the tank, which could lead to debris landing on the sensor giving inaccurate readings.

*If you still feel your tank was not pumped and request a return service, a fee of $50.00 cash must be paid initially. This fee will be refunded if the tank was not emptied by our service tech during the initial service. If tank is found to be empty or has minimal waste showing it in fact was pumped, return service fee will not be refunded. If not notified within 8 hours of service, there will be no option for a return service.* Return service requests during closed hours may leave a message at 920-322-3340.

Important Notices

  • It is required that you are signed up by 10AM for same day service.
  • If RV/Camper dump valves or freshwater fill are not directly accessible, additional charges will apply.
  • If we are unable to drive directly to the RV/Camper and reach within 15 feet from the road, additional charges will apply.
  • If we need to climb over fences, under tents, around tables, etc., additional charges will apply.
  • Newell and Newmar coaches will incur additional charges as well as any freshwater fill through a water filtration system.

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